ANNOUNCEMENT: My Little Pony: Camp Bighoof Mini-Series

The pony’s out of the bag: I’ve been working on a new My Little Pony mini-series for IDW Publishing and Hasbro. Coming this summer is Camp Bighoof! It features the Mane 5 (from Generation 5) as well as some original Equestria cryptids that you—and the ponies—will get to meet.

The official synopsis for the first issue is this: “Welcome, campers, to Camp Bighoof! The Mane 5 have taken over an old camp, named after the elusive Bighoof creature (Bridlesquatch if you’re a unicorn, Zeti if you’re a Pegasus), to teach fillies and colts about their powers. Plus, arts & crafts with Izzy, singing with Pipp, obstacle courses with Zipp, what could be better?! Surely nothing could go wrong, right? RIGHT?!”

I’ve had a wonderful time working on this project and I can’t wait to share it with you. The first issue will be out on JULY 26, 2023, so be sure to get your pre-orders in. More details here. And in the meantime, check out our incredible creative team as well as some of the variant covers for the first issue.


Writer: Stephanie Cooke
Artist: Kate Sherron
Colourist: Reggie Graham
Flatter: Jonathon Dobbs
Letterer: TBC
Covers: Kate Sherron, Nicole Goux, Natalie Haines, JustaSuta
Editor: Riley Farmhouse