ANNOUNCEMENT: Pillow Talk Book Deal

ANNOUNCEMENT: Pillow Talk Book Deal

The deal announcement for Pillow TalkI am so excited to be able to share some good news: My first YA graphic novel project is on the way from HMH/Etch! The book is called Pillow Talk and the artist working with me on it is the incredible Mel Valentine (with colours by Sam Pointon). We also have Lily Kessinger as our editor and Andrea Miller on art direction as well as book design.

“After attending her first underground pillow fight match as a spectator, Grace Mendes falls in love with the surprisingly gritty sport. The only rule to pillow fighting is that the pillow needs to be the first point of contact; after that, everything else goes. The Pillow Fight Federation (PFF) is part roller derby, part professional wrestling, and part fight club—and Grace immediately knows that she needs to join.

Grace works hard to climb the ranks in an effort to be crowned champion. As her PFF alter-ego gains traction and fame, she uses the spotlight to become an icon for others (and even herself) attempting to dismantle the impossible standards that are set for women—in underground extreme sports and otherwise.”

I am truly over the moon that this is happening and coming together. We have a dream team working on this, and I’m beyond blessed to get to continue working with my HMH family. I can’t wait to share more about Pillow Talk with you very soon. And take a look at this panel from the book featuring two of our fighters, Rapunchel and Kat Atonic (I think you can guess which one is which):

A panel preview from the upcoming graphic novel, Pillow Talk