Over the weekend were two big days for me… well, one big day for my sweet patootie (it was his birthday) and that was followed by our anniversary. PLUS on Friday, I went with some friends to see the play Waitress, which is a musical based on the film by Adrienne Shelly.
I was SO excited to check out the play – I’m a big fan of the film so I’d been anticipating it for a while. I didn’t look up anything about the adaptation, other than what I saw on public transit and such, and was absolutely delighted by the whole thing. I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more, and I just generally had a big smile on my face the whole time. It’s a bit of a dark story at times, and the play definitely made things a little lighter than the original film, but it didn’t gloss over those big issues… just made them a less little uncomfortable to have to watch.
It was truly great. A few of my friends are big theatre fans so I go with them when there’s something that I want to see. I’ll be checking out the theatrical version of Anastasia next and I CANNOT WAIT.
The rest of the weekend was actually pretty quiet, except on Sunday I had a brunch and a dinner.
The brunch was at School with a few comic friends, and it was an absolute blast to spend time with them and enjoy a really great pancake breakfast. Honestly, if you go to School and don’t have the pancakes, you’re doing a massive disservice to yourself.
Then for dinner, I celebrated my anniversary with my sweet patootie by going to a hibachi teppanyaki place. The food was good but unfortunately the restaurant rushed the meal so we wound up seeing the food get cooked, eating, and leaving within 20ish minutes. We didn’t really plan anything else for the evening since dinner was going to be our big anniversary treat, so that wound up being a bit of a bummer. BUT all in all, it was still a really nice experience.
All the time in between any of that was focused on deadlines and such that I’m trying to hit right now and getting caught up on emails and trying to decompress as much as possible… which feels like a bit of a conundrum but here we are. A stressful decompression.