Blogletter: Connection in Flux

Blogletter: Connection in Flux

Happy April, everyone! I can’t believe that we’re already into the second quarter of the year, and whew…where does the time go?

I took yesterday off because I am too gullible to be on the internet for April Fools’ Day. That, and I am currently addicted to Disney Dreamlight Valley. But it was a long weekend of socializing and I needed a little bit of downtime just for me. Have you played Dreamlight Valley? I’m really enjoying it, aside from how cheesy some of it is from time to time, and the fact that the NPCs only have a few generic dialogue options to cycle through while they’re wandering around the village. Still, it was on sale and I am quite happy to have picked it up! I meant to dive into Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West but decided I needed something cozy instead.

Last month, I was at Toronto Comicon where I was a Special Guest. I had a great time meeting all sorts of people who came by my booth. A fun perk of writing a trash animals story is that lots of people want to tell you about their trash animal stories! Which I am all for!!!! So that was a fantastic bonus as well as hanging out with the amazing creators that we were seated with through—Gerhard, Heather Antos, Michele Abounader, Adam Gorham, Fred Kennedy; y’all are the best.

Despite having a few events recently that put me back amongst the comics community, it’s been hard lately to feel like I am truly still a part of it. With social media in a state of flux and everyone spread across different platforms, it’s hard to feel like I’m getting the same sense of belonging and camaraderie. Oftentimes, working in a creative space can be pretty isolating, which feels especially true when I work from home and since the pandemic, I haven’t really stepped out of that a whole lot. It’s hard to really feel like it’s possible with the cost of living crisis, which is hitting particularly hard here in Toronto with rent, groceries, and all living expenses at unprecedented highs. Making time to go out and be social also feels like a risk to my wallet that I can’t always take.

Really, there’s a myriad of things that contribute to my sense of isolation. Not mention that my days of oversharing on social media and really putting myself out there, feel very over for me. I like my privacy and being able to have things for just myself and those close to me. It’s been harder and harder to want to put myself out there, as I just don’t feel the need to chronicle every aspect of my life anymore. Maybe that, in part, is also why I don’t feel that sense of connection any longer. I no longer put me out there and don’t have others connecting back with me in the same way.

I imagine there are a few of you who also feel this, and even though this might not help you feel that spark of connection again, you are not alone.


When it comes to graphic novels, comics, and picture books, publishers crediting artists properly can be a bit of a journey, as you might know. If you’re a creator on a book, know that you have say in what goes on your book and how the team is credited. At the very least, you can talk to your editor and see if there’s ways to be more inclusive of the entire team.

This tidbit is inspired by Debbie Ridpath Ohi, who regularly posts about artist advocacy on her socials. Specifically this post here with art by Sarah McIntyre.

Art by Sarah McIntyre

We can all do better with acknowledging our teams and making sure that everyone is credited accordingly.


  • Size Five Games is looking for 2D artists. Details here.
  • Seven Seas Entertainment (click for details) is hiring for two remote positions:
    • Editor
    • Marketing Associate
  • Popverse is looking for an editor. Details here.
  • Artists wanted for a “book filled with pulpy sci-fi illustrations based on classic artworks (pre-1800).” Details here.


Normally I do a roundup of everything that I’ve read over the course of a month. But I don’t always have reviews to offer up. So, I decided to highlight my favourites rather than post everything. If you’re interested in knowing what else I’ve read lately, you can check out my Storygraph page (I’ve switched over from Goodreads now).

This month I want to talk about two short stories from Amazon Originals. I know, I know, Amazon is the bad place, but I heard incredible things about them and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. So my picks of the month are:


SUMMARY: “Always mindful of the debt she owes, the girl finds her worth as a weapon in the hand of the Prince. Her victories make him a king, then an emperor. The bards sing her name and her enemies fear it. But the war never ends and the cost keeps rising—how many times will she repeat her own story?”

THOUGHTS: This is compelling and engaging in an absolutely impressive way, given that this story is only 30 pages long. It is satisfying and lasting in my head, well after the fact. For fans of Tamora Pierce, Madeline Miller, and more.

THE LOVER by Silvia Morena-Garcia

SUMMARY: “Judith knows her sister, Alice, is the pretty one—but that doesn’t stop her from wishing for love. When a handsome and gentlemanly hunter appears in their village, seeking lodging from the cold, she believes her lover has finally arrived. He does, indeed, choose to stay—but as Alice’s husband, not her own. When another stranger comes out of the woods, looking every bit a vagrant, he offers Judith something mysterious and enticingly strange. Against reason and decency, she welcomes both men into her life, in different ways. As forbidden longings ensnare each of them, an unrelenting winter storm and an evasive wolf on the prowl have everyone on edge…and ravenous. By spring thaw, will any of their hungers be satisfied?”

THOUGHTS: As mentioned, this is another short story but this time it’s a little bit longer at 43 pages. Like the previous, Morena-Garcia delivers a stunning and compelling story in such a short amount of time. And like the previous, this also stuck with me and had me thinking days after I finished. This feels like a story for fans of Ava Reid’s The Wolf and the Woodsman.


It’s a busy year for me, and I have a few things on the horizon that I’d love to quickly plug:

  • PILLOW TALK – After four years, our graphic novel inspired by the very real underground Pillow Fight league that existed in Toronto, is almost here. I got to hold it in my hands for the very first time recently. It will be out later this month on April 30. And you can still preorder a copy. Right now, if you sign up for a Tertulia trial (you can cancel the membership anytime), you can get PILLOW TALK for 50% off. If you don’t want to sign up for the trial, you can still get 20% off with code PILLOW at checkout.
  • THE RACC PACK – I can’t believe our book has been out for two months already. I’ve talked to so many people about raccoons and I love it!!! A second book will be out in January 2025 too, so be sure to keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, be sure to pick up a copy of THE RACC PACK to enjoy this spring. Perhaps to read to the local raccoons that are starting to come out and enjoy the weather more??
  • MY LITTLE PONY: CAMP BIGHOOF – The collected edition will be out next month on May 7. Get yourself a copy to find out if Bighoof is real or a hoax… 👀


And as mentioned above, social media continues to be in flux, so if you want to follow along where I’m most active, these are the places to do so:

And, that’s it for me! Until next time…