Creator Advisor

I haven’t really blogged in a while so I thought now might be a good time to start it back up again. I’ve been working on a lot of projects and one of those projects is called Creator Advisor.

It’s a FREE service that I’m offering to folks where I will basically act as a creator matchmaker to people who want to find paid comic book projects to work on. If you’re a creator who is making a project (that happens to be paid) and you need an artist/colourist/letterer/editor or whatever, I will use my network and database to help you find someone that would be a good fit. I will narrow it down by genre and help find a style that will suit your book.

And then I have been compiling a database together of creators so that I can use it for reference. Essentially it would be for those who are actively looking for work. You put your name into that, then I use it to give several names to a creator requesting someone for their project.

So far it’s been fantastic and I’ve had an incredibly positive response. A lot of creators have requested help as well, including a few very prominent folks working in the industry and looking for new talent.

I honestly just can’t wait to keep matching people up and hopefully great comic books will come out of it. Comics should be for everyone and with this, I’m hoping the networks will be opened up a bit more and we can also put a focus on getting marginalised creators more paid work.