FanExpo is a Wrap

WHEW! I can’t believe it’s already been a week since FanExpo started. It feels like I was at the show yesterday and talking to so many wonderful people! It was a whirlwind (and long) few days but I had a blast being a part of the show this year. I’ve attended the convention and worked at my friends’ booths but this was the very first FanExpo that I had my own booth.

I met so many incredible young readers and let me tell you—if you’re reading this (or a parent reading this), I truly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Releasing books during the pandemic and lockdowns was tough. Nothing can really prepare you for releasing something that you’re SO proud of, only to have that not feel real because we’re all locked indoors. Sometimes it feels like what I’m doing just disappears into the ether…but doing this show and getting to chat with people who read our books made my heart SO DANG HAPPY!

I met lots of teachers and librarians too, and y’all are truly heroes. I was so thrilled to talk to everyone who came by but it was especially nice to chat with folks who work directly with books and to hear your kind words.

This was also the first time I was really pushing Racc Pack to people, and the reception that our book was getting from everyone got me even more hyped! I gave out so many bookmarks and it was such a joy to watch people light up as I told them our book is set in Toronto…and features our trash mascot!

This weekend flew by, but here’s a small sampling of photos from the show:

Thanks so much to Kevin at FanExpo for including me in this year’s show and hopefully we’ll see you all soon!