Movie Night: Double Feature Extraordinaires

Movie Night: Double Feature Extraordinaires

Movie nights are amazing – especially the kind where you’re at home or a friend’s place and you can get cozy with great company.

My friends and I have recently started doing a monthly get together where we pick the ULTIMATE of double features, order comfort food, and watch them. I thought I’d share a few of our past double features as well as some of our upcoming ones:


  • AUGUST – Deep Impact // Armageddon
  • SEPTEMBER – Coyote Ugly // Roadhouse
  • OCTOBER – Hocus Pocus // Practical Magic


  • NOVEMBER – Men In Black // Galaxy Quest

I’ll try to share some of the others as they come up (and as I remember…) but if YOU have fun double features (ie. Mean Girls // Clueless or Heathers // Easy A), comment below and share your favourites!