Cat Ninja: Heart of a Hero (Volume 6)

Calling all Cat Ninja fans: Your favorite feline ninja is back in another action-packed collection of stories from Epic Originals!

It’s nonstop crime time in Metro City, and the hero the city needs is…Octopunch? Even an eight-armed avenger can’t keep the streets safe by himself, though, so Cat Ninja’s spending all his time catching crooks—and no time curled up with his family. When he realizes that Leon needs him more than Metro City does, it might be time to hang up the nunchucks. But with a brand-new baddie kidnapping every pest and pet in town, can our hero really afford to cat nap?

This book includes a two-part bonus tale featuring Cat Ninja and friends against a vengeful villain with a fishy agenda.

Written by Stephanie Cooke, Marcie Colleen, Nick Murphy, Paul Ritchie, and Steven Scott
Art by Chad Thomas
Colours by 
October 15, 2024, AMP Kids/Epic! Originals
Ages: 8-12
Paper Over Board ISBN-13: 978-1524888794
Paperback ISBN-13: 978-1524888787