My Little Pony: Camp Bighoof

Go to summer camp with all your favorite ponies in this graphic novel full of hijinks and fun!

Welcome, campers, to Camp Bighoof! The Mane 5 have taken over an old camp named after the elusive Bighoof creature (“Bridlesquatch” if you’re a unicorn, “Yakuti” if you’re a Pegasus), to teach fillies and colts about their powers. Plus, arts & crafts with Izzy, singing with Pipp, and obstacle courses with Zipp? What could be better?! 

Surely nothing could go wrong, right? RIGHT?!

Written by Stephanie Cooke
Art by Kate Sherron
Colours by Reggie Graham
Colour Assists by Jonathon Dobbs
Lettering by Neil Uyetake
May 7, 2024, IDW Publishing
Ages: 9 – 12
Paperback ISBN-13: 979-8887240947