The Racc Pack 2: Prince and the Pawper

Dusty switches places with a pampered look-alike raccoon in this second entry in the hilarious middle-grade graphic novel series about a sneaky raccoon family who live life in the trash lane from Stephanie Cooke and Whitney Gardner!

The Bins siblings have their sights set on the big pet expo in the heart of downtown Toronto. Dusty, Scraps, and ReRe expect to loot the convention for the latest treats, and they definitely don’t expect to meet…Dusty’s doppelganger?!

Prince the Raccoon is everything Dusty isn’t—famous, pampered, and rich! But Prince wants to know what life is like outside his comfy digs and on the streets. So, with the Bins’ help, Dusty and Prince decide to switch places.

At first, Dusty has a great time living it up, but he soon learns the grass isn’t always greener on the other side…even when that side has all the snacks he can eat!

Written by Stephanie Cooke
Art by Whitney Gardner
January 28, 2025, Simon & Schuster/Simon Kids
Ages: 7 – 10
Hardcover ISBN-13: 978-1665914956
Paperback ISBN-13: TBA