Stephanie is available for visits and events such as: author visits, school and library presentations, writing workshops, and conferences. She is additionally available for moderated panel discussions, Q&A sessions, and more. You can contact her directly to discuss options, availability, and further information on her rates.

Stephanie’s rates for school visits within Canada is $300 for one session (local schools only), $500 for two sessions or for a half-day, and $900 for a full school day (maximum four sessions), plus travel if applicable. For anything not local, rate would need to include travel, accommodations, and a per diem.


Ever wonder how a comic book or graphic novel gets made? How many different people work on one book? What’s the process for creating a story and turning it into a graphic novel? Stephanie delves into all of this and more as she helps people explore the world of the comic book industry and sheds light on the process of writing a story from inception to completion.

Ages: Any, but best suited to middle grade audiences (8-12 years of age)
Group size: Any, but especially love working with smaller groups of 15-30 kids.
A/V needs: Projector or anything to present some images to go along with the presentation.


Collaboration is hands-down the best parts of creating a graphic novel. Working with someone to bring an idea to life is an incredible feeling. Having someone to bounce ideas around with is amazing and inspiring. And getting to see an artist bring what was in your head to life on the page is nothing short of magical! With her experience as a co-writer on Oh My Gods! and a co-creator on an unannounced series, Stephanie has created this presentation to help teach you about the process, what to expect, and provide exercises for you to learn from.

Ages: Any, but works especially well ages 6 and up (and for students and adults)
Group size: 15-30
A/V needs: N/A

Stephanie is working on expanding her available presentations, but upon request can speak about her experiences as an editor, the importance of social media and networking, and breaking into the industry as a creator.

All presentations are flexible and can be re-worked upon request. Group sizes are negotiable as well. Please reach out via the Contact Page to discuss options further.