The Racc Pack Acknowledgments

Writing can be a very solitary thing to do. While we have all these wonderful characters in our heads to keep us company, we bring them to life on our own. However, when it comes to making a graphic novel and publishing that graphic novel, there are countless people involved. And since we did not have an acknowledgments page at the back of The Racc Pack, I would like to take the time to thank some people who made this book happen.

First and foremost, to Whitney, because this book simply would not exist without you. Here’s to hoping that The Racc Pack is the first of many stories we get to tell together.

Maria, thank you for always championing my ideas and helping to keep my ADHD-adled brain focused. I am so grateful for your support and guidance, from you and all of PS Literary. Amanda, thank you for believing in our idea and giving us the chance to bring these trash pandas to life. Celia, thank you for stepping in with two anxious creators and becoming a beacon of light for this project, and loving the Bins’ as much as we do.

Thank you to Lily, who was the first editor to believe in me. We may not have worked together on this but you started me on this path and I will never stop being grateful to you.

To everyone at Simon & Schuster—Dainese, Siobhan, Tom, and all the countless others that I haven’t had the privilege of working with directly, thank you. I see you and everything that you do, and I know that this book would not exist without so many of you unsung publishing heroes. THANK YOU!!!!! <3 <3

To Adrienne Kress, Alex Segura, Julio Anta, Mat Heagarty, Samantha Puc, Jeff Zentner, Stephanie Gerk, Barbara Perez-Marquez, Meggie Ramm—the friends that read early PDFs of The Racc Pack, provided feedback, support, and blurbs. Thank you. In this industry, we have to rely on each other to help whenever we’re able to. It shouldn’t be like that, but it is, and I’m so lucky to have such wonderful people in my corner.

Thank to my friends in the Toronto comics community. Without you, I would never have made it this far in the first place. You’re all who I mean whenever I say that aspiring creators need a support network that gets what you’re going through.

To my mom and dad for always encouraging me to read and finding new ways to motivate me to pick up a book. Thank you for never steering me away from my creative pursuits…it may have taken me a while to find my way, but I got here in the end.

To my Aunt Nancy, I know you would’ve loved the Bins’ Family and all the other critters in our book. And I can hear your voice telling me how proud you are of me.

To Brad, my incredible partner and support; I love you so much. Thank you for always listening to me vent about what a journey publishing is. To Brenda, Paul, Kevin, I’m so glad to be a part of your family. And to all of the McCrea Family, thank you for being so warm and welcoming and supportive of me. I am so blessed to have you all in my life.

To all of my friends—Tory, Britt, Laura, Lilah, Bee, Liz, David, Lill, Shaun, Amy W, Nick, Steven, Amy B, Amy W, (yes I know a lot of Amy’s), Dani, Chris, Bobby, Mike, Jon, Mia, Andrew…oh god, oh god, oh god, I know I’m missing people but I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!

And last but certainly not least…THANK YOU, TORONTO! For the stories, memories, magic, and the best (unofficial) mascot of all, the Toronto Raccoon. The Racc Pack would not exist without the unique proximity and appreciation (mostly) that we all have for our trash pandas.

In trash we trust.