The Racc Pack Cover & Pre-Order Info

The Racc Pack Cover & Pre-Order Info

After holding onto this for quite a while, I’m very happy to be able to share THE RACC PACK cover with you all. We have even more info to share with you too, and I can’t wait to dig into that in a mere moment. PopVerse did an exclusive reveal of the cover today, and shared the first official synopsis of our upcoming graphic novel series. Read it here:

Live life in the trash lane with this first entry in a hilarious middle grade graphic novel series about a family of sneaky raccoons from graphic novel superstars Stephanie Cooke and Whitney Gardner!

Meet the Bin family, a trio of raccoons in the risky business of dumpster diving for all their needs. With Dusty’s brains, ReRe’s muscle, and Scraps’s gadgets (please don’t tell him he’s almost definitely an opossum), the Binses are determined to leave no garbage bin unturned in their pursuit of the tastiest, most delicious trash they can find.

When the family discovers a new upscale grocery store that’s throwing away their perfectly good food at the end of each day, the Binses hatch a heist so daring it’ll have them rolling in garbage all winter long. But a critter-despising CEO, Jeff Beans, and the high-tech defense system he’s installed means liberating that trash is going to take all the skills the Racc Pack have…and maybe some help from a cat burglar with a mysterious past.

THE RACC PACK will be out on January 23, 2024. If you want to guarantee a copy for yourself on day one, be sure to get your pre-order in now by visiting RACCPACK.COM.