What I’m Watching: January 2021 Edition

What I’m Watching: January 2021 Edition

Poster for Bridgerton Season 1 on NetflixThis has sort of become a thing for me during self-isolation; watching stuff, tracking it, and sharing it with anyone who might be interested. I genuinely have no idea if anyone cares, but it’s a nice little way for me to be aware of everything that I’ve been enjoying.

Over the last little while, there’s been an overwhelming amount of content that I’ve been curious about. In 2020, I went through most of my Must Watch things I’d been meaning to get to. Then I went through a phase where I felt like there was nothing to watch left. I revisited a few things but I’ve started accumulating new titles again. Here’s an assortment of what I checked out on TV in January:

  • Best Leftovers Ever S1
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch S3-5
  • Wynonna Earp S3
  • The Challenge S32
  • Bridgerton S1
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S4
  • Would You Lie to Me?
  • Blown Away S1
  • Lupin S1
  • Taskmaster S1

From this list, there was a lot to love here. It’s mostly mindless content that I didn’t have to invest a lot into.

Best Leftovers Ever super surprised me! My mom actually recommended it and I was admittedly reluctant (sorry mom) but it was great.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was incredibly disappointing…thankfully I had the original sitcom on CBS All Access to catch up with and rewatch. That show continues to be fantastic, except for when Sabina leaves for college and then it loses a lot of its charm.

Bridgerton was the #1 one on Netflix for a reason…romance, drama, and uh, more drama! I liked it a lot. Although I definitely had a hunch as to who Mrs. Whistledown was early on and Googled it to see if I was right (I was) so I spoiled it for myself.

I’ve been bingeing a lot of British game shows over on YouTube. The two I’m most enamoured with right now are Would I Lie To You? and Taskmaster. They’re hilarious and the mix of the stories from WILTY and then the things the comedians do in Taskmaster are brilliant.

And lastly, my favourite thing that I watched in January is hands down Lupin. The first episode immediately draws you in and is so satisfying. Had they not done anything past that episode, I would’ve still left content. The heists. The acting. The pacing and the plot. Everything is top notch and I highly recommend checking it out.