I’ve got another announcement to share with you. This is a project we’ve been keeping secret for the majority of this year…which is known as author torture. I have a new middle-grade graphic novel series that’s being launched called The Racc Pack. It’s created by myself and my amazing partner-in-crime, Whitney Gardner.

This is from the announcement: “The City of Toronto may be doing its best to keep the raccoon population out of its garbage, but that’s not going to stop the Bins family from continuing in their pursuit of the tastiest, most delicious trash they can find. So when a fancy new grocery store opens up in their neighborhood, the dumpster-diving critters hatch a heist so daring, it’ll have them rolling in garbage all winter long. Publication for the first book is planned for fall 2023.”

You might notice that this is a heist book and Whitney and I are co-hosts on The Caper Cast. It’s almost like we’ve been doing research for a while and subtly trying to tell you what’s been going on. But don’t worry, this is only part of our Big Reveal and more will be coming soon.

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