DnD is happening after all my years!

DnD is happening after all my years!

Yeah so it has taken me a substantial number of years to get around to playing DnD. Not because I didn’t want to but more because every time I’ve gotten close to trying to play, the groups either never happened or just fell apart due to time and what not.

A few months back, Miles (who I work at TCAF with) invited me to be a part of the upcoming game that him and a few friends were putting together. I immediately said yes! The group he games with also record the show for a podcast called The Diecast Podcast.

We met up a few times and learned more about the module and they helped me build my character so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed with everything. It was an immense help. I hate feeling like I’m being bothersome so it’s really wonderful when everyone just looks like they’re having fun helping each other.

I put together a dark elf sorcerer (sorceress?) for my first game ever, based around Nico Minoru from Runaways. It was easier for me to create someone based on a preexisting character so I could wrap my head around things easier. It also made the impending game less daunting as I had a character that I could work with to formulate my role playing.

I kept meaning to listen and watch other DnD games in advance of playing so I could better prepare but they’re SO LONG and I perpetually have so little free time.

Anyways, I ran out of time and the day to play came. I was still incredibly anxious – I didn’t want to mess things up for my group! I know I know I know, just have fun! But I was worried that I wouldn’t take to it. I’m a pretty animated person but I can also pull into myself in a pretty big way when I’m uncomfortable or unsure of myself. I tried to push myself to just embrace everything and do my best to banter with the group in character and join in whenever possible.

For some more context (because if you listen to the show, I don’t explain my character very well…), I’m playing as a dark elf sorcerer named Amalica Myep. Both of her parents were killed due to their involvement in The Knife and as such, Amalica has vowed to not follow in her parents footsteps. She’s had to take care of herself for most of her life and growing up on the streets of Waterdeep has made her extremely street smart (while albeit not so book smart).

She cares strongly for the people that she loves but hasn’t had someone to care about for a long time. She’s closed off and reserved but can also be dry and sarcastic. She knows the streets of Waterdeep like the back of her hand and steers clear of The Knife who would have her take up where her parents left off with them.

Amalica’s personal code is to do what’s right since she equates the death of her parents with crime and wrongdoing.

Anddddddd that’s about it for my character right now. One of her cantrips is Frostbite and we added a flair to it where she throws it like a dagger (think like, well, Dagger) which developed as we played last night. The episode was recorded and so eventually (I believe in March or so??), the episode will be available and you can hear my first ever DnD adventure.

I will forever be proud of a troll fight we had last night and while using a bar for cover, thinking to put together a Molotov cocktail to throw at it. Or more aptly, throwing a bottle of fancy ass wine (the barkeep was none too pleased…) and having my travelling companion, Yosef light it on fire once it had drenched the troll.

Our next game is next week and I’m hoping that I’m able to retain enough of what happened last night to be more effective and allow myself to get more into the roleplaying side of it. We shall see!