End-of-Summer Updates and Things

I guess I should attempt to post some more stuff besides just my roundups, eh? Well, we’re nearing the end of summer (thank god) and it’s been a busy one. Juggling work (when you’re constantly hustling to find paying gigs) is hard to sometimes balance the rest of your life with. I’ve been really lucky this past year to find consistent work and to be able to mostly be able to enjoy the nicer weather.

…although real talk: summer weather is not what I would call nice. It’s just that it’s not a workout to go outside and trudge through snow and gross slushy winter. Spring and Fall are where it’s at and I will be enjoying those seasons thusly.

But anyways, I don’t have much that I can really update y’all on but I’ll do my best:

  • Racc Pack 2 is in the works! Whitney and I are working on the second draft right now (oh god, oh god, oh god…) and we’ll have news regarding that soon.
  • Pillow Talk is coming along and is still on track to be released in Fall 2023. Mel finished the final line art for the book and let me tell you: it’s incredible. I can’t wait to share it with you all!
  • Animal Rescue Friends Tales are starting to trickle out into the world! I spent the last year and a half curating and editing the line of short stories with a bunch of talented creators. They’ll be released exclusively on Epic! and you can see which ones are out by checking in on my Editing page.

There’s not much else to share right now but I’ll be sure to fill you in ASAP. I’m still working away on Pekoe. Kaylee is doing wonderfully (see photo above). Annnnd that’s mostly it!

Enjoy your Fall Season and I’ll see you soon.