My first day of freelance!

This post is 100% a brag post about my first day as a freelancer, which went so dang well. I got up this morning and initially felt a little crummy (physically not like, about not having a day job). It was gloomy and rainy, immediately ruining my plan to start off the day with a run. But I had some breakfast, watched cartoons while I drank coffee, did yoga, and then started my day.

I can’t believe how productive it was and how good it felt to only have my own projects on my plate. I sent out my newsletter (you can subscribe here), made homemade aloo gobi, worked on an outline, and more. Plus, I did a podcast with Dan Berry too, which was a ton of fun; it will be up later this week.

I know like every day and every job, there will be ups and downs but having an excellent start to this new chapter (including exciting emails) makes me feel like this was the right choice. I can’t wait to be able to tell you more about everything I’m working on.