PARANORTHERN Acknowledgements

Once again, we didn’t have an acknowledgments section for ParaNorthern (like Oh My Gods!) so I wanted to put a little something together to thank a TON of people.

First of all, Mari Costa knocked the art for this book out of the park. It is true magic getting to see what’s in your head come to life on the page. Silas’ expressions are just…*chefs kiss* Thank you to Rebecca McConnell for your wonderful colour assists; everything just pops colour-wise in the story and it’s beautiful!

Lily Kessinger. What can I say to you that I haven’t heartfelt DMed or emailed to you 5000 times already? You changed my life when you took on ParaNorthern and you made it a much better story. I would trust you with any and all of my book babies for the rest of my career! Thank you forever <3

Mary Claire Cruz!!! a WIZARD, basically. Mary Claire did all the design and art direction for the book and gave it the perfect jackets that entirely encapsulate the vibe of the book.

For everyone else at HMH / Etch / Clarion – y’all are the absolute best and gave me so much love and support on this journey. I can’t thank you enough!

To Maria Vicente who heard my idea for ParaNorthern and breathed motivation in me again to pick this up and bring it into the world. You championed this story (and Silas, obviously) and you made my dreams of being a graphic novelist come true. You changed my life and give me the guidance my anxiety-addled ADHD-driven self desperately needs.

I don’t want to drag this on again for a long time but to each person who talked me through an Anxiety Town moment. To each friend who knew I’d probably bail on hangouts cause I had too much to do…but still invited me anyways to make me feel loved and included. To everyone who supported me and cheered me on. To everyone who made me believe I could do this. To everyone who stuck by me through the ups and downs of my life. I can’t thank you enough for your love.

Without the people around me—my friends, family, peers, readers, followers, fans, etc.—none of this would’ve happened. You are my everything and I love you all so much.

<3 <3 <3