ParaNorthern: One Year Later


ParaNorthern came out and its adorable chaos was unleashed into the world. This book will always mean SO much to me. It was the first project I saw through on my own, even when it was a passion project just for me. It made me happy to work on it and helped me have something to pour my soul into during a particularly dark time in my life.

It was the first book we sold. I was in a bookstore when my agent, Maria Vicente, called me to give me the news that our editor, Lily Kessinger at HMH, wanted to acquire it. I had a complete meltdown of joy as I danced around the bookshelves that now stock ParaNorthern in their store. I’m sure there’s footage somewhere of this and several employees who were apprehensive about the lady full-on going bananas.

It was the very first time I felt like maybe I could be a writer and tell stories that made me happy, as well as (hopefully) other young readers out there. ParaNorthern has so much of my heart and soul in it and it will never not bring me joy when I see it at home, out in the world, at a library, a used bookstore, etc.

I hop(e) 🐰 that if you’ve checked ParaNorthern out, it brought you a fraction of the massive amount of joy it brought me to write. Thank you so much for your love and support 🙏❤️✨