SURPRISE! I have an announcement to make: I’m launching a new podcast. It’s a film podcast with Whitney Gardner and myself as we explore the genre of HEIST FILMS!!!! We’re very excited. We recorded the first episode this week and are going to be recording the second one (and some more to bank) very soon. Our official synopsis is this:

“A podcast all about cinematic heists, capers, stings, and more. Join Whitney Gardner and Stephanie Cooke as they explore (in)famous films in the genre.”

Episodes will release on the first and third Tuesday of each month starting on June 1. We’reĀ hyped to be doing this and can’t wait for you to hear the episodes. To subscribe and listen to the trailer, you can click below or you can visit capercast.com. And if you’d like to send us comments, questions, suggestions, or film recs, you can reach out to podcast@capercast.com.