Spooktober Updates!

As I mentioned last month, I really don’t have a whole lot of projects that I can talk about. Everything is in limbo or under NDA for the most part. BUT I do want to let you know about whatever I can talk about and discuss so let’s dive in and discuss what’s new and good.

  • Racc Pack 2 – Whitney and I just wrapped on the script for Racc Pack 2. We should have more details on release dates for both books very soon. Also, I’ve seen some of the cover sketches that Whitney’s worked up…and they’re so good.
  • Pillow Talk – Speaking of covers, I’ve also seen a sneak peak at the cover for Pillow Talk and it’s looking great! We should also have more details on that very soon, including (hopefully) a release date and pre-order link.
  • Appearances – I wrapped up moderating some TIFA Kids panels recently and have a couple more events coming up. I’ll be at MCX in Mississauga on Oct 16. And on Oct 29, I’ll be at Gotham Central all day for their Halloween Indie Fest. More details on both appearances are here.

And honestly, that’s pretty much it for now! It’s not a big update but it’s all I’ve got. Hopefully next month I’ll have more exciting stuff to tell you about…including what spooky movies I watched for October.