That Time I Met Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl has been in my feed a lot lately. He has a new movie called Studio 666 which looks like a lot of fun. And the Foo Fighters released a new album last year, Medicine at Midnight. Dave Grohl has understandably doing some publicity to get the word out, especially about the film which was released on Feb. 25.

So I thought I’d take a moment to share a personal story of mine from many moons ago. The world is a little bit of a doom fest right now so hopefully this can make your day a little bright. It’s one of my favourite stories and definitely my most special celeb interaction.

Years ago, I won tickets to see Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins do an interview at a radio station (shout out to 102.1 The Edge). I was SO excited. It was small but I was in the front for this event. We were told that they wouldn’t have time for photos or autographs and not to ask since again…there would be no time for it. At one of the commercial breaks, Dave gets up and heads over to us and begins signing autographs (!!) but I didn’t bring anything to sign (I found out pretty last minute about the interview).

What I did have was my camera so as he approached, I said “I know we aren’t supposed to ask for photos but if there’s time, can I get a pic?” and he politely said, “Let me sign more autographs and if there’s time, for sure!” I thought he was politely blowing me off since they’d wrap up the interview soon and have to leave. I wasn’t mad at all, I took my shot, I talked to Dave Grohl (!!), it was perfectly fine. I was kicking myself for not bringing something for him to sign, but it was still very cool to just speak to him.

I enjoyed the rest of the interview and then it was over (you can watch a short bit of the interview that I filmed here). Dave and Taylor said their goodbyes and headed out of the studio to set up for their concert later that evening. A couple of minutes went by, people were starting to leave when all of a sudden…

Dave Grohl bursts back into the studio and shouts “I FORGOT TO TAKE THE PHOTO!” and he runs over to me and apologizes profusely. He says that I must’ve thought he was a jerk and that it’s been a busy day, etc. (none of which I thought). He sweetly tells me my dress is really nice and he asks me to get on the stage with him, so I do. We get ready to take the photo when he tells me, “I’m tired of taking boring pictures, so let’s dance! EMBRACE ME LIKE IT’S PROM NIGHT!”

And Dave starts dancing with me. I am basically DEAD from excitement and happiness at this point and we do a few little back and forths before he smiles and says “Okay now I REALLY have to get out of here!” and heads out to his show. I was stunned and I couldn’t stop smiling!

Anyways, I look like a maniac in the picture…and let’s not even talk about what I’m wearing (it was 2008, leave me alone) but this is the end result and one of my fave celeb memories ever:

This story was originally posted over on my Twitter account here.