The Caper Cast Continues with Fast Five

I haven’t talked about it here for a while but did you know I have a podcast with the amazing Whitney Gardner? It’s called Caper Cast and we talk about cinematic heists and capers! It releases on the first and third Tuesday of every month.

We’ve been having a blast doing and even if it was just for us, I think we’d keep at it. But it’s more fun with other people! We’ve covered a ton of fun movies so far with Fast Five being the most recent. Whitney had never seen any of the Fast and Furious movies before so this was her intro.

There’s a lot of laughter, Vin Diesel impressions, and questions…if we’re being honest. But the film is just so much fun that it’s hard to not get wrapped up in it.

The show does do spoilers so if you haven’t seen a film and you’re wanting to check it out, you should definitely watch it first. Unless you don’t care about that sort of thing. You can visit to subscribe or you can listen to the latest episode below: