Welcome to the Blogletter: What’s New?

This is my first or maybe second time writing a big update like this as a part of blogletter. You know, in lieu of me doing the thing everyone else is doing and making a newsletter. It’s one or the other and I’d rather have a home base here…where I already have a home base. As everyone flees Twitter and tries to find a new home for their thoughts and ramblings.

I’m in that mix too and for the last month, I’ve been filled with dread as I try to wait things out. The downfall of Twitter seems imminent with it only being a matter of time until it shutters its doors. And after spending over a decade finding my friends, peers, and audiences there, I’m truly sad that it’s potentially ending like this. I don’t want to lament it more but it’s a monumental blow to a lot of creators and creatives out there, so I’ll continue to post here, if anyone wants to follow along.

Like everyone else, sometimes I have a lot of updates…and sometimes I don’t. I have a few fun things to share though, so I’ll dive in and elaborate on what’s what. Let’s go!

  • Support HCP Union – If you haven’t heard already, the employees of Harper Collins are on strike. As an author, I wholeheartedly support the union and employees fighting for what they deserve. They’re burnt out and underpaid and they need to be fairly compensated for the work they do. My own books as well as the books of every other author out there wouldn’t exist without these hardworking employees. Learn more about their strike by visiting their Twitter page. If you have the means, donate to help them pay the employees who are currently not receiving a paycheque.
  • WWAC – I’ve joined the Women Write About Comics team as a part-time contributor. I probably won’t have the capacity for a ton of content there but I really missed sharing my thoughts and recs. You’ll be able to find out more about what I’m doing there soon so stay tuned.
  • Editing – Aside from a few projects that I’ll stay on for indefinitely, I’m taking a step back from editing to prioritize and focus on my writing. I love editing and I’ll likely come back to it at some point, but for now, I need to balance the scales a bit better. The latter half of this year really burned me out with my editorial work so understanding that and figuring out my needs is really important to me as I go into 2023. I hope I get to work with many more creators and on a ton of different projects…but after a much-needed break. I worked on 14-15 stories this year as an editor and I’m so proud (you’ll hear more about all of those soon).
  • Animal Rescue Friends Tales – Speaking of things you’ll be hearing more about, another one of my ARF Tales is out in the world now! If you missed it, I’ve been working with Epic Originals to curate and edit a line of short stories in their Animal Rescue Friends series. Two that I worked on are out—Rats Are Good Pets, Too and Tripod Trouble—and they’ve been such a joy to be a part of. More to come soon!

And if you missed it, I’ve put together my roundups for the previous month(s). Check out what I watched here and what I read here. You can also check out my roundups of Fave Things of 2022 as they’re released throughout the month. Stay tuned!

With the holidays upon us, as I wind down this update, I want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. I hope it’s everything you want it to be and more! As we wrap up this year and move into the next, I’m sending you all the best vibes for happiness, joy, and success.

Last but not least, as the beginning of this blogletter indicated, I’ve migrated to a few places while I try to figure out which one sticks. In every case (Hive, Mastodon, Cohost, Pillowfort, and Tumblr), my username is simply “hellocookie” which is my go-to in most places. Find me there and let’s be pals!

And that’s a wrap! Next time you hear from me on here, it’ll (probably) be 2023…you know, pending any major updates to share. Take care of yourselves and be kind to others.