What I’m Watching: October & November 2022 Edition

What I’m Watching: October & November 2022 Edition

I’ve once again slipped on my watch list and so I’ve decided to combine two months into one post. Prepare yourselves for a pile of thoughts!

  • She-Hulk S1 – I never thought I’d live in an era where some of my fave weird She-Hulk stories would get adapted for the silver screen. But here we are! And with Tatiana Maslany, one of my fave actresses, no less. She-Hulk wasn’t without its flaws (I think largely with some pacing) but overall, it’s such a fun series that has something to say. And it breaks the Marvel mold and does something new and exciting! I ultimately really enjoyed it.
  • Lord of the Rings S1 – On one hand, I loved this show and would’ve loved it no matter what cause Lord of the Rings. That being said, I did get pulled out of it from the parts that they directly took from the films—in trying to go too hard with the fan service. However, the performances were great, especially Morfydd Clark, who played Galadriel in the show.
  • Bad Sisters S1 – My partner watched the pilot of this and told me that I would love this show. So we dove into it and sure enough, it’s incredible. Basically, it’s a family drama murder mystery revolving around the Most Hateable Man on TV. Truly. The writers made the worst man to ever exist, which I know is a bold claim. But watch and you’ll see. One of my faves of 2022.
  • The Midnight Club – Basically a YA version of the spooky shows we’ve come to know Mike Flanagan for but this time paired up with Leah Fong. It feels a bit like Haunting of Hill House meets Are You Scared of the Dark? I’ll say that I liked it but didn’t love it. It had a lot of spooky things I was looking for during October though! So it scratched that itch for me.
  • Tokyo Vice S1 – I was looking for a crime drama to watch so I checked this out and wasn’t disappointed. Well acted and a compelling story that revolves around a couple of expats who wind up in each other’s bubbles while also navigating the dangerous crime world in Japan.
  • Severance S1 – I watched a couple of episodes of this a while back and fell off of it. Not because I wasn’t into it though. I’m not really sure why I didn’t finish it. BUT I restarted it recently with my partner and absolutely devoured it. Such an intense, dark, and intriguing premise for a truly sinister way that capitalism could further create a dystopian world.
  • Shining Girls S1 – I’m a big fan of this book so I knew I needed to check out the series. I think it’s a really great adaptation although I think the book is ultimately better. The idea of a time-traveling serial killer is so intriguing and I think the one thing that the show struggles to do is make what’s happening a little more transparent to the viewer. I don’t recall if the book did that but it’s my one criticism overall but still super solid.
  • Derry Girls S3 – What a perfect ending to this show. While the third and final season isn’t quite as funny as previous ones, it’s filled with heart. The endearing characters kept me pressing play and the finale brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face.
  • Bee and Puppycat S1 – God, what a great and absolutely bananas show. It’s something that’s right up my alley and I loved the original YouTube series so I was beyond happy to see it get a full season and release on Netflix. A DELIGHT.

Annnnnd I watched a ton of reality TV. There’s truly not much to say about it all, it’s something that I absolutely love to watch when my brain is mush (which is often). So here’s a list of some of the reality shows I checked out in the last two months…with Nailed It being my fave of the bunch.

  • Nailed It S7
  • Easy Bake Battle S1
  • Love is Blind S3
  • Great Canadian Baking Show S6
  • The Mole S1
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race UK S4

I watched a lot more reality TV (from the 90DF universe) but decided not to include it here cause the summary for it all is just “I love mess.”

What have you been watching and enjoying?