What I’m Watching: April 2021 Edition

Oh, hello there! It’s May and therefore I have a new list of TV shows that I’ve watched throughout April. Sometimes I stop to think about how much time I’m putting into watching all of this. And then I quickly block it out of my mind and go back to enjoying things! But honestly, I have spent so much time watching stuff during self-isolation. It’ll be interesting to see May’s results cause Pokemon Snap came out and whoops, I’m obsessed.

Anyways, here’s the TV I watched in April:

  • Great Canadian Baking Show S4
  • The Bachelor S25
  • Worn Stories
  • Central Park S1
  • Taskmaster S7
  • Ginny & Georgia S1
  • When They See Us
  • Luminaries S1
  • Big City Greens S1
  • The Irregulars S1
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race S13
  • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
  • Shadow & Bone S1
  • The Serpent
  • Sailor Moon S1

The Bachelor was unreal. And speaking of that, instead of watching that, you should check out the TV series UnReal. It was created by a former producer of The Bachelor and in addition to being good TV, it sheds light on what the producers do to get all the people acting so bonkers.

Ever watch a show where you hate all of the characters but still watch it all anyway? That was Big City Greens for me. I get that the characters are deliberately annoying so they can learn a lesson but ahhhh!

And I think the last thing that I’ll talk about here (since Falcon and Shadow & Bone have been talked about at length online) is Sailor Moon. Now, the show itself isn’t new to me. I’ve been watching the show since it originally aired in Canada with real poorly translated dubs. But what is new to me is watching it with not the crappy dubs.

I finished all of Season 1 (all 46 episodes…) and had no idea how much had been changed in the first version I watched. I like the new one much better but the one thing I liked way better in the original was the Princess Serenity vs. Queen Beryl song in the finale: