What I’m Watching: April 2022 Edition

It’s already MAY!?!?! Well, I’m relieved that it’s starting to finally get warmer out so as I get outside more, this list will maybe get a bit shorter. But for April, it’s still a pretty hefty list. If you’re curious about the films I watched (no reviews though!), visit my Letterboxd page here. Otherwise, let’s dive right in!

  • The Dropout – The theme this spring seems to be TV shows that put a spotlight on con artist women. There was Inventing Anna and now hot on its heels is this mini-series starring Amanda Seyfried. I enjoyed it in that sort of way where everyone is deeply unlikeable but you just want to see where it all goes. Definitely compelling though, and an interesting look at women who weaponize the fact that men want to be able to pat themselves on the back for uplifting them without doing any research whatsoever.
  • Is It Cake S1 – Okay so 1) I hate the trend of cakes that look like stuff. I hate it. 2) This host drove me absolutely bananas, especially with how he cuts cakes…SIR, WHO RAISED YOU?! so I pretty much hate-watched this show and screamed at the TV the entire time. It was mostly background noise while I did some other things in my downtime but when I did watch, it was with a fiery dislike.
  • The Ultimatum S1 – I couldn’t stop talking about this show for the entire time I watched it (aka over the course of two days). I love a show that makes me feel like I’ve got my life together. Anyways, what a concept! An absolutely bananas show from the people who brought us the equally bananas Love is Blind.
  • Abbott Elementary S1 – Everyone said that this show was delightful and they were right. The Office but set at a deeply underfunded public school. A wholesome teacher wanting to make a difference, several jaded teachers who’ve been at it for too long, and a principal who doesn’t have a single thought in her head. *CHEF’S KISS*
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race S14 – It’s no secret that I love me some Drag Race. This season was great and I loved pretty much all of the queens. I was super happy with the queens that made it to the final and without spoiling anything, I was really happy with the winner too. I think the runner-up maybe deserved it a smidge more but I was still pleased with how things shook out.
  • Minx S1 – I watched this on a whim and wound up loving it. It’s a bit of a caricature of feminism at times but I think that it just really works for the character, the time period, and it was overall a really great show! I’m stoked about where they go from here although if they somehow write out Jake Johnson, I WILL RIOT.
  • Heartstopper S1 – And finally, HEARTSTOPPER! which is aptly named. I love the comics so much and to see them adapted so beautifully made me incredibly happy. It was like…what if we made Skins wholesome? They gave me those teen beats bops throughout the show but with romance, light drama, and ALL THE FEELINGS. Except for the incredibly devastating ones where they kill off your faves (looking at you again, Skins…)

I didn’t include shows that I’ve been doing a rewatch of but I finished Gravity Falls S1 again as well as Schitts Creek S3. A+ highly recommend. I love them.

And that’s pretty much it for this month! What did you watch and enjoy?