What I’m Watching: August 2021 Edition

Yet another month has passed and here I am, back to tell you about what TV I watched. Comparatively to the last several months, it was pretty light for TV watching. I think it’s because I started a bunch of shows that have yet to wrap up though. So those will trickle onto the list at a later date…probably September or October.

So without further delay, here’s what I watched:

  • Glow Up S3
  • Cooking with Paris
  • Making the Cut S2
  • Bake Squad S1
  • Geordie Shore S13
  • Great British Bake-Off S1 & S11
  • Centaurworld S1

With the exception of one, it was all reality TV. I swear I watch other stuff. I swear I do. I won’t get into the reality shows because they’re mostly just my comfort TV. What I will discuss is how much I freaking loved Centaurworld.

I knew it was going to be something up my alley when they announced this show. Animation! Bonkers concept! Musical numbers! Whacky absurdism! It was truly everything that I could’ve hoped for. I wasn’t expecting for it to sucker punch me so hard on the emotional side of things though. Truly thought I was going in for a goofy good time and was unprepared. But it does such a great job of balancing the serious with the silly and I really hope it’s renewed for more seasons.

Annnnd that’s it! What did you watch in August and enjoy? Let me know in the comments!