What I’m Watching: January 2022 Edition

It’s my first TV Round-Up for 2022, compiling all the TV I watched in one place. I kicked off the New Year with lots of shows, and like last time, I’ve included mini-reviews! As per usual, if you want to see the movies I watched, you can feel free to check out my Letterboxd profile. Let’s dive in!

  • Queer Eye S6 – This was the perfect show to kick off 2022. Honestly, shaking off some winter depression and post-holiday fatigue with the Fab 5 was what my soul needed. If you like the previous seasons, then you’ll definitely enjoy this.
  • Finding Magic Mike S1 – I was recommended this show by a Twitter mutual and I loved it? I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was surprisingly delightful. Hot men who want to learn to find their magic by going through intensive several weeks where they learn how to be a Magic Mike? Yes. Wholesome and heartwarming to see men get in touch and be more comfortable with a softer side…while also looking very hot.
  • The Expanse S6 – Overall I really liked this season a lot. It’s wild to me that I got to the end of this show after not enjoying the first season. I’m grateful to my friend Miles for encouraging me to go back to it though, explaining that the show broke up the books in a weird way. And aside from a lot of time being invested in two young characters in this season that didn’t pay off in any way, I really thought this was a great ending to the series.
  • Yellowjackets S1 – Everyone, please, talk to me about your Yellowjackets theories. I can’t stop talking about this show and I can’t remember the last time something I watched evoked such a reaction from me. What a great freaking show! I swear to god though, if this turns into a new cannibal lesbian version of Lost, I will riot.
  • Cheer S2 – And we’re back to reality TV town. I enjoyed what they did with this series in showcasing their rival team too and giving some fresh insight into the cheerleading community. It was a bit of a hard watch at times though, the insight into what happened with Jerry was a lot. But it was an excellent season series of the show.
  • Schitts Creek S1 – I love this show. This is a rewatch of it and that’s all I have to say. I needed something wholesome and funny to watch in the evenings so I came back to this. It’s perfect.
  • Station Eleven Station Eleven is one of my favourite novels. I read it long before we were living through a pandemic though. I was really excited to watch the adaptation of it and it definitely delivered. Parts of the book are definitely fuzzy so I can’t do a super deep dive into how they compared but I thought the show was great.
  • Deadly Class S1 – I avoided Deadly Class after it was canceled. I figured I could read the comics instead since the show wouldn’t have any resolution. But when it came onto Netflix, I decided to give it a shot. It was a good show that I didn’t have to get super invested in and I loved seeing the character designs from the comics translated onto the screen.
  • Archive 81 – I admittedly didn’t pay super close attention to but I liked the concept and thought it was an interesting horror/sci-fi story! I don’t want to delve into the plot since I think it’s better that you unravel the mystery yourself. It is worthing checking out.

And that’s what I watched last month! I will say that while I continue to have a big dose of reality TV in the mix, it wasn’t all-consuming this time around. There’s some quality programming included! PROGRESS! What did you watch last month?