What I’m Watching: July 2021 Edition

I can’t believe that yet another month has passed and it’s now August. Honestly, this year is once again flying by at a snail’s pace. That being said, I’m continuing to round up what I watch. Why? I have no clue! But I guess it’s just a habit now. So here are the TV shows I watched in July.

  • Bob’s Burgers S9-10
  • Trying S2
  • Nancy Drew S1
  • Loki S1
  • Wellington Paranormal S2
  • Owl House S1
  • Never Have I Ever S2
  • Too Hot to Handle S2
  • Geordie Shore S12
  • Sexy Beasts S1

Honestly, I forgot that I watched a lot of these somehow? Like Trying was SO GOOD and I loved the heck out of it, but it feels like I wrapped up the second season ages ago. I think I talked about it before but I was really pleasantly surprised at how much I loved this show and how it could simultaneously make me laugh and cry. A really stellar show from Apple+.

I waited and waited and waited for The Owl House to come to ANY PLATFORM IN CANADA for what felt like an eternity. And then all of a sudden it was there! And it was everything that I hoped it would be and more. Except for longer and filled with more episodes. That’s to say that I just need to get more of the story ASAP…but knowing Disney, that’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

Loki was great too. I think WandaVision is still my fave in terms of the MCU shows that have been put out so far? It was just made for that medium and works. Loki still felt very cinematic to me, but that could’ve been a result of the production value…but that being said, it was a great story and I am bummed that there’s more to come. ONLY because I just wanted to know exactly what was going on by the end. I’ll definitely tune in to the next season.

And the last show I’ll say something about is Never Have I Ever which is just a dang delight. It’s SO CRINGE at times but I can’t help but really enjoy it and get fully invested in all the good teen drama. If you haven’t checked it out already, I suggest you do. It’s on Netflix!

What have you been watching and checking out?