What I’m Watching: March 2022 Edition

The year is really just flying by and I’ve put together a list of the TV shows watched through the month of March. If you’re curious about the films I watched (no reviews though!), visit my Letterboxd page here. Otherwise, let’s dive right in!

  • Love is Blind S2 – What can I say? I love me some garbage reality TV and this gives me exactly what I crave! Is love really blind? Not when it comes to the people they bring on for these shows…and I am absolutely here for it.
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs. the World S1 – I will watch pretty much any and all versions of RuPaul’s Drag Race. That being said, this series was a disaster with alliances being formed between the queens that already knew each other (since they brought numerous ones in from the same country) paired with All-Stars rules. Those rules NEED TO GO and honestly, no one that ended up in the finale deserved to be there. SORRY NOT SORRY.
  • Ted Lasso S2 – I reactivated my Apple TV+ subscription just to watch this and it was exactly what my soul needed. Not quite as good as Season 1 but still excellent.
  • Schmigadoon S1 – As mentioned, I reactivated my Apple+ account so once Ted Lasso was over, I needed more and this was on my list. I really enjoyed it! Kind of like a rom-com musical version of something like Pushing Daisies, which…I am here for.
  • Babysitter’s Club S1-2 – Don’t even get me started on how mad I am that Netflix cancelled this ABSOLUTELY PERFECT SERIES. There are so few franchises like BSC and it was done so well. I’m heartbroken that it’s not being given a chance to continue. Almost every episode had me in tears.
  • The Afterparty S1 – Christopher Miller? Murder mystery? OTHER ACTORS AND STUFF? Sold! I had a blast watching this and trying to figure out what was going on from the very first episode. A lot of fun and highly recommend it.
  • The Gilded Age S1 – I meaaaan, as a Downton Abbey fan (well, the first few seasons), there was no way I wasn’t going to watch this show. It had a few ups and downs for me but ultimately was extremely compelling and enjoyable. I am here for the power couple that are the Russells’.
  • Bridgerton S2 – Not quite as good as the first season but still incredibly enjoyable and a really refreshing take on romance properties and historical fiction.
  • Starstruck S1-2 – ROSE MATAFEO!!!! Okay, I am a big Taskmaster fan and when I saw that Rose had a TV show? SOLD. As frustrating as the show can be at times, I was totally invested and enjoyed it all.
  • Our Flag Means Death S1 – My friend Steph bullied me into watching this so I obliged and binged the entire thing in two days. I LOVE THESE GAY PIRATES SO MUCH!!! As does the rest of the internet…yes, this show is as good as everyone is making it out to be. Also speaking of making out: LET THE GAY PIRATES MAKE OUT!

You might be able to tell that I had a brief Apple+ subscription from the three shows that I binged. I really wanted to watch the second season of Ted Lasso and watched the others as an added bonus.

What did you watch in March?