What I’m Watching: May-July 2022 Edition

I’ve neglected my lists for a little bit, but mostly because I’ve been watching movies and rewatching TV shows or misc. episodes of reality TV. Like, a lot of random eps of 90 Day Fiancée. But since there’s a few months worth of backlog, I figured I’d share some of what I’ve been checking out. As per usual, if you’re interested in the films I’ve been watching, you can visit my Letterboxd profile. Otherwise, let’s dive in:

  • Moon Knight S1 – This was fine? Though, for a show called Moon Knight, there really wasn’t a lot going on with the actual superhero persona of Moon Knight himself. That being said, it was an interesting origin and I think opened up the superhero world outside of the US, exploring cool places and lore. However, the most interesting character by far was Layla El-Faouly and there wasn’t nearly enough exploration done for her character.
  • Bob’s Burgers S12 – You can’t go wrong with Bob’s Burgers. It is consistently hilarious and delightful and the music numbers are A+ perfection. I’m excited to watch the movie soon too.
  • Russian Doll S2 – Natasha Lyonne is great and I love the weird nature of the show…but this season was a bit of a miss for me. I finished it mostly to be able to say that I did.
  • Ghosts S3 – I adore the heck out of this show and it is so charmingly quirky and fun. I love the concept so much. Two well-meaning millennials trying to make their dreams happen…but anything and everything that could possibly go wrong does.
  • Boo Bitch – I loved the concept for this show! And the cast members are so charming. I think it falters a little bit though in leaning on its tropes of popularity and mortality. It subsequently becomes a little meh towards the middle as the cringe overpowers everything else. But overall, I still think this was a really fun idea and delightful (hopefully) mini-series.
  • Ms. Marvel S1 – What can I say about this show that hasn’t already been said? I loved it and Iman Vellani must be protected at all costs. It falters a bit in the middle in its exploration of the Clandestines as the series antagonists but I think it just needed more room to breathe. And by that, I mean that a lot was crammed into the 6-episodes of Season 1. It needed one primary focus in either Kamala vs. the DODC or the Clandestines but it wants it all. I hope that we get to see more of everything in the show though and I’m curious about where the MCU goes from here.
  • RuPaul All-Stars S7 – All winners competing to be the ultimate winner? Heck yes! This was really well done and I loved the format in not eliminating any queen but creating a way for them to all stay in the competition until the end. Plus my chosen queen wound up reigning supreme…so win-win!
  • The Bear S1 – Everyone is saying that this is their show of the year and…it’s fine. The performances are great, the story is well done, and I understand the hype. But the anxiety that this series gave me firmly put it in a category where I’d never want to revisit it again. Compelling for sure and extremely good. Def not up there in my faves of 2022 though…but worth checking out!

And then, as mentioned, I watched a lot of reality TV and then did a big rewatch of What We Do in the Shadows in anticipation of the newest season.

What have you been watching and enjoying?