What I’m Watching: September 2022 Edition

Another month has passed us by and I have some TV show updates for you, if you’re curious. I didn’t watch a lot (mostly because I’ve also been obsessed with a ton of junk food reality TV too) but here’s the list:

  • Glow Up S4 – I’m obsessed with makeup transformations and I was thrilled for another season of this show to get wrapped up in. Everyone is so dang talented and it’s wild to see what they can do with makeup.
  • What We Do In The Shadows S4 – WWDITS is maybe my favourite TV show on right now. It’s just so funny and perfect. This season dropped the ball a bit for me (compared to other seasons) but overall, I had a great time as these beautiful vampy ding-dogs try to navigate the modern world and their relationships.
  • Hacks S1-2 – I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this show! I initially didn’t feel a strong pull to it and I remember telling my partner that it was “fine.” But I couldn’t stop watching it! Before I knew it, I’d gone through all the available episodes. Definitely worth enjoying.
  • Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls S1 – I think this and the Magic Mike reality series might be my two feel-good reality shows of the year. I loved how loose Lizzo was with her rules, elimination process, prizes, etc. Her compassion for the contestants and how she chose to uplift them was inspiring. Truly wonderful reality TV.
  • Westworld S4 – This was a strong season for Westworld. I can’t say that I entirely understand what happened but I very much enjoyed the ride.

I also started Paper Girls but it honestly didn’t capture me overall. Good performances from the cast but I didn’t find myself being pulled back to it so I DNFed it. I know lots of people loved it though, and I’m bummed to hear that it got canceled. A women-led sci-fi series that deserved better.

What have you been watching?